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    Morning Routines!

    We recently took a course from Tabitha Carro at FlapJack Factory. Our friend and colleague, Kristen, at Easy Teaching Tools recommended that we try it out and we were not disappointed! One of the templates we loved was the morning work and morning routines slides.  We usually have the same morning routine each morning, but still get asked daily, “What do I do now?” or “What do I do next?”.  For days where we have lots going on (you know those days with field trip permission forms, money collection, etc…) these slides are helpful in giving our students a visual!

    The middle box on the template is nice as a morning review.  We like to spiral different subjects we have taught as a quick check in and it makes great daily practice.  We choose whatever it may be that the kids need to do.  It could be a quick math problem, or even a quick question from Social Studies or Science.  The kids do this in a morning routines composition book and can check with a friend or you can go over it after you take attendance.

    Speaking of attendance, these slides are sure to help us remember to take attendance! We are guilty of forgetting and that is usually because we are answering questions about what to do in the morning!

    The last little box we added to our template is a small section in the upper right hand corner that allows for fun facts.  It could be a student’s birthday or a fun day such as “National Hot Dog Day”.  It could also be an open ended question such as, “How will you be kind today?”.  This little box is meant to be used for whatever your heart desires!

    If you want to try it out, click the link below for a FREE sample slide!

    We have created over 50 slides and 6 themes to use year round! You can find these in our TpT store or by clicking HERE.

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