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    Super Bowl Activities for the Classroom!

    Each year, when the NFL season starts up, we both get very excited for a variety of reasons.  We have been San Diego Charger fans since we’ve been born (although their move to Los Angeles may have broken our hearts).  We also enjoy playing fantasy football with friends, so when it comes time for the Super Bowl we look forward to the culmination of one of our favorite sports.  

    We wanted to bring the excitement into the class and share some fun activities with our students.  We came up with some activities that could be used with real stats for the Super Bowl and it was a hit with our students.  We love that we can use it each year since it isn’t year specific.  

    This was a particularly high interest activity for some of our kids that normally may be harder to motivate.  It was exciting to see them thrive and dive into the activities.  For the kids that aren't football fans, they gained a lot of knowledge too.  We wanted to show the kids that what we are doing in the classroom can translate to anywhere in the real world!  If you are interested in checking out a sample of these activities, click the link below to download a free copy.

    The full product is available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Activities in the full packet include:

    Research activities for pregame, during the game, and post game
    Roman Numerals
    Math Word Problems
    Word Search
    Performance Task (adding, subtracting, multiplying)
    Writing with football themed paper
    Fantasy Football Activity
    Helpful Keys

    We hope you can bring the joy of football into your classroom with these engaging activities! Click the image below to go to the product!

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